SR-2 (2015)

Vehicle Specifications
L x W x H: 4.5m x 1.8m x 1.1m
Weight: 300 kg
Array: 1200W SBM Solar Mono-Si
Batteries: LiFePO4
Motor: 2 Marand CSIRO 10kW (98.4% efficient)
Wheels: Two 16’’ Carbon Fiber Wheels
Chassis: 6061 – T6 Aluminum
Tires: Michelin 95-80 R16 Low Resistances Tires
Drag Coefficient: < 0.10 Ultra Aerodynamic
Cruising Speed 40 mph
Top Speed 85 mph

Building on the success of Endeavour, our team’s first solar car, we are currently in the middle of building her successor, SR-2. Our new car will consist of a four-wheel design containing two motors, an aluminum frame, a carbon fiber aerobody, and drastic improvements in aerodynamics, solar cells, and handling.

Our goal with SR-2 is to join the top solar teams in the United States by competing in the upcoming American Solar Challenge. Currently, the team is hard at work creating the MDF plugs that will eventually become the vehicle's aerobody, as well as preparing the frame for T6 heat treating.  To stay up to date, check out the team's Facebook page or the blog on this website.

The creation of a vehicle that runs on the Sun is no easy task and could not be accomplished without the generous help of our wonderful sponsors.  To see the great companies that have dedicated their time, money, or resources to our team, please check out SR 2's sponsors.