The Mechanical Team is responsible for the design, fabrication, and testing of all mechanical subsystems. We create the aerobody, frame, suspension, and several other components from scratch, integrating with experts from the academic, entrepreneurial, and corporate communities to make an excellent car. We pride ourselves on training all our members to accomplish great engineering feats using advanced analysis techniques to push forward the exciting field of alternative energy automobiles.



Lindsey Berger | Mechanical Lead

Lindsey Berger is a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student at Georgia Tech. As the Mechanical Lead, her job is to assure that all mechanical systems in the car are progressing smoothly. Lindsey is also the head welder for GTSR. In her free time she likes to read books, watch cartoons, and see cute puppy videos.



Gabriel Arkanum | Aerobody & Composites Lead

Gabriel is a 2nd-year Mechanical Engineering student at Georgia Tech. He is the Aerobody & Composites Lead for GTSR and a member of the volunteer board for Georgia Tech’s ASME chapter. He is the co-founder of Byomes LLC, a software company, and was formerly the Director Communications at the Mars Foundation, a nonprofit developing methods of colonizing Mars. He is from Cumming, Georgia and graduated from South Forsyth High School where he competed in VEX and FIRST robotics among other engineering competitions.



Michael Bailey | Suspension Lead

Michael is a Mechanical Engineering senior and currently the head of the suspension team for Solar Racing. The suspension team handles the design, manufacturing, assembly and maintenance of the suspension for both of the team’s vehicles. He is one of the car’s drivers and main machinists. He enjoys hiking, mountain biking, and oversees all puns for the team. He also shares the same birthday as Alex Nussey, the electrical team’s Drivetrain Lead.



Braden Gilleland | Frame Lead

Braden is a third year Mechanical Engineering student and GTSR’s Frame subteam lead. The frame subteam is responsible for designing, implementing, and ensuring regulation compliance for the car frames. The subteam works closely with other teams to interface the frame with other essential subsystems. Outside of GTSR, Braden is passionate about energy systems, conducting research as an undergraduate research assistant in the Atomistic Simulation and Energy group on campus, and working as a Co-op in the Renewables, Storage, and Distributed Generation group in the Research and Development Department at Southern Company.



Brian Reidy | Brakes & Pedals Lead

Brian is a third year mechanical engineering student at Georgia tech. He oversees everything related to the car’s brakes and pedals, from concept to creation. Brian loves the car industry and hopes to improve the future of automobiles. A high caliper rollerblader, Brian has since put the brakes on his career in favor of a more humble life consisting of food and textbooks.



Max Noto | Steering Lead

Max is the steering subteam leader and a third year Mechanical Engineering student. He is responsible for everything the driver sees and touches while operating the car, making sure they have access to important data and good control over the vehicle. He joined the team to learn more about energy production and material science. He likes long walks on the beach and late nights at shop. He can also reach the highest shelf and once ate 25 hot wings in one sitting.