The electrical team is divided into three sub-teams dealing with unique aspects of the car. Software handle all human-machine interfacing as well as telemetry and inter-vehicle communication. Power Systems handle the design and execution of the battery management system, pre-charge unit, and energy distribution. Hardware deals with the assembly of the solar array as well as design of the Maximum Power Point Tracker and all other hardware in the car. Many members are a part of multiple sub-teams spanning both the electrical and mechanical teams.

    Brian Kuo

    Electrical Lead

        Michael Lin

        Telemetry Lead

            Lilli Long

            Auxiliary Systems Lead

                Alex Nussey

                Drivetrain Lead

                Alex is a third year Computer Engineering student at Georgia Tech with a background in Computer Science. He loves building things and solving problems, and listens almost exclusively to classic rock. As Drive Train lead for GTSR, he is responsible for turning all that solar power into forward motion.

                    Justin Lee

                    Solar & MPPT Lead

                        Jared Duncan

                        Batteries & BMS Lead